The Earthling Princess (Paperback)

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The Earthling Princess (Paperback)


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In 390 BC, Izy Fly, a little earthling girl is brought to Loumina, a planet where she will be treated like a princess and adopted by Queen Ananda. She will help create a vaccine that will prevent the spread of a deadly virus that would claim the lives of millions Louminians.

As an adult, with the assistance of her robot, an entity specifically designed to protect her, she will return to Earth where her father has waited for her return for over two millennia.

But given that things never go according to plan, she'll face numerous challenges along the way.

This story is a moving adventure of a little earthling princess with an extraordinary destiny that will touch the most sensitive hearts.

A violent, cruel and barbaric novel, a love story brimming with emotions

- Show me the one whose safety deemed such destruction...
- Her name is Izy Fly. She is my daughter.


Selected praise for The Earthling Princess

★★★★★ "A novel conceived and written like a movie, a novel that explores relativity, interstellar travel, survival, technology, aliens and that describes the journey of a father who will search for his daughter for centuries."

★★★★★ "An incredibly effective space opera "

Deep in the book

The bomb exploded and a whole section of the space station was immediately disintegrated by the shockwave. This triggered a chain reaction and more sections exploded one after the other, breaching the hull in several places. Thousands of transiting passengers - Gracilians, Louminians, and others - were ejected into space where they died instantly. It was chaos. Lifeless bodies floated among the debris following complex trajectories that seemed purely random... but it wasn't.


Atom felt something but he wasn't sure how to express it or how to react.
added Sen.
responded Atom. A new equilibrium was established in his conscience. He needed a master, someone above him, a superior entity to assign tasks for him to complete. Otherwise, what was he good for
Product Details ISBN: 9798629790358
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2020
Pages: 256
Language: English