Rebel Without a Palette: The Arts Algorithm (Paperback)

Rebel Without a Palette: The Arts Algorithm By Francis Rubbra Cover Image

Rebel Without a Palette: The Arts Algorithm (Paperback)


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An indispensable reference book of art secrets for anyone following the path to creativity.

From the author of The Funny Pocket Book of Art Secrets comes Rebel Without a Palette, a special edition book that not only includes all the aforementioned content but also a short allegory about Leonardo, the last romantic, an artist holed up in prison in Adelaide, Australia who by dint of his originality and vision manages to convert the other inmates and bizarrely the narrator to his art cause.

A hysterically funny book that will challenge and expand the reader's understanding of the creative process, starting by listening to their dormant inner rebel and eventually sticking two fingers up at the powers that be and saying, 'I AM AN ARTIST.'

'This book pokes fun at artists and worships them equally. Perhaps the most concise guide to art think ever written.' - Pablo drives a Picasso.

'A truly half-modern, half-didactic, half-art, half-book, half-classic. Half about death and half about life. Half-suits you sir ' - Damien Hearse.

Product Details ISBN: 9798520157502
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 20th, 2021
Pages: 274
Language: English