Racists Of Every Hue (Paperback)

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Racists Of Every Hue (Paperback)


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Published with assistance from BePublished.org in July 2022, RACISTS OF EVERY HUE by Mylia Tiye Mal Jaza will expose the intraracial racism that is often overlooked due to more focus being commonly placed on interracial racism. Comprised of charts and graphs, this work reveals the results of a 60-day poll where people shared their opinions and experiences with racism from people of other races and their own. Discover a science-backed reality check that will snatch the cloak off even the racist hidden in you and your grannies

Are you sick of hearing about what White people do to Black people and Black people do to White people? Are you tired of Asian and Latino people denying they can be huge racists too? Have you been told you are too pale or been called trash or redneck by White people? Do you know Latinos who say Mexicans are the lowest and Mexicans who prefer being called Hispanics because to them the Spanish are better? Are you tired of being terrorized with home invasions by Asian-American thugs and it going unreported in the news because your neighbors prefer to keep up appearances? Are you tired of hearing coon and nigger from African-Americans who wouldn't want to be called those names?

And most people love saying that racism is about power and people without power cannot be racist. Those of us who have lived long enough know that this is another lie straight from the pits of Hell If you have been mistreated by people of your own race(s) because of your inherent racial features or cultural expressions and you're tired of people saying, "It's no big deal because you're the same race?" Then it's time to get a few copies of this book.

This world is filled with people who thwart accountability for their thoughts, words and actions -- especially when they are harming those closest to them. And while everyone knows that most crimes are perpetrated by people who are the same races as the victims, Americans have been programmed to believe that the people who are more likely to harm them are people who are not the same race as they are. By blatantly exposing this lie with the help of a plethora of Americans who freely shared their opinions during a 10-question online survey or otherwise on a social media platform, Jaza efforts to uproot racism in all its forms starting with intraracial racism.

For some people, this book is the proof they need to show other people who are in denial that what they were told is happening is really happening. For others, this book will make them feel like things have suddenly gotten worse because they did not know racism was this bad. Most reading this work, however, will likely not be surprised by the findings of the poll yet will still be heartbroken to know that so many people continue to suffer in silence in such ways.

"No more pretending like it is cute to call yourself a derogatory term No more acting like it is okay for you to call someone else a racial slur Just because someone may identify as the same race you do, that does not make it right for you to make them feel like they are less than you or anyone else And, just like the United States of America has money to give to other countries to fund their wars and provide them weapons, America has the money to close the wealth gap between the descendants of slaveowners and the descendants of slaves," Jaza maintains.

Available as an ebook, RACISTS OF EVERY HUE by Mylia Tiye Mal Jaza may also be purchased worldwide as a paperback and in hardcover from bricks-and-mortar and online book retailers.
Product Details ISBN: 9798445757856
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 12th, 2022
Pages: 94
Language: English