The Pure Price Action And Market Structure with the Smart Money Concept (Paperback)

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The Pure Price Action And Market Structure with the Smart Money Concept (Paperback)


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Forex Day Trading Price Action And Market Structure Using The Smart Money Concept

Understanding how markets move requires a fundamental understanding of market structure.There are only three different kinds of market structure, making it easier.While Price Action is the movement of the market solely on the basis of price, without taking into account the potential for trends to continue.

It is essential to successful trading to comprehend when a shift occurs based on the timeframe you observe, as the market is moving in three distinct directions at any given time.

There are three types of market structure:

Markets follow one of the three aforementioned trends

1.bull trend
2.bear trend, or
3.sideways trend

and the ability to read market structure is necessary for discerning whether a trend will continue or fail.The market tends to move in the opposite direction most of the time.Or a range, and then you have brief bursts that go either way.
Higher highs and higher lows are signs of a bull trend.Until the asset price makes a lower low, the trend will continue in that direction.When the trend fails to reach a higher high, it begins to exhibit signs of weakness.
The price action of lower lows and lower highs is the bear trend.As long as lower highs persist, the bear trend will continue to decline; however, once a higher high enters the price, the trend will end.Price beginning to print higher lows or equal lows is a sign that the trend may be changing.

A trend with equal highs and lows is called a sideways trend.At this point in the market, price is consolidating and moving in a range.Long periods of consolidation can occur in markets.If the price breaks out from either the top or bottom of the range, this trend has ended.One of the first two trends could emerge from this.
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