The Girl with No Mouth (Paperback)

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The Girl with No Mouth (Paperback)


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The ups and downs of mental illness fully submerge and threaten to drown any who stand too close. Written during months of periodic psychosis, the full power of any and all emotion are felt overwhelmingly and seemingly permanent: despair and emptiness before an attempted prescription overdose, fear and hysteria from a powerful hallucination, the crazy that people hide behind saying that they're just sad when really--they're being constricted by an invisible, impending doom that freezes their heart, squeezes their eyeballs, and turns fingers blue.

This is a nonfiction book about addressing the ugly side of mental illness. The parts that nobody wants to talk about...or listen to...or...
Product Details ISBN: 9798224219254
Publisher: Edith Broadwater
Publication Date: January 15th, 2024
Pages: 90
Language: English