How to Bark?: The Dog Who Forgot to Bark (Paperback)

How to Bark?: The Dog Who Forgot to Bark By Max Marshall Cover Image

How to Bark?: The Dog Who Forgot to Bark (Paperback)


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Roof, a playful and lovable dog, lives happily with his beloved family - Adam, Jack, and Samantha. Life is filled with joy and laughter until one day, while playing with a rubber duck toy, Roof accidentally swallows it. To everyone's surprise, this leads to an unexpected consequence Roof forgets how to bark and can only emit quacks, just like the rubber duck

Determined to help his furry friend find his voice again, Adam embarks on a mission to remind Roof of his true woof sound. With unwavering determination, Adam delves into creative and comical attempts to extract the rubber duck from Roof. Along the way, they encounter unpredictable adventures and meet a cast of charming animal companions who lend a helping paw.

As Adam and Roof navigate through challenges, their bond strengthens, showcasing the remarkable connection between humans and animals. Together, they embark on a delightful journey, filled with playful explorations and heartfelt moments that will warm readers' hearts.

Through their adventures, Adam learns valuable life lessons about patience, empathy, and the importance of understanding. He discovers that sometimes the path to finding one's voice and overcoming obstacles requires creative thinking and a touch of whimsy.

Product Details ISBN: 9798223788911
Publisher: Max Marshall
Publication Date: October 31st, 2023
Pages: 76
Language: English