Hands Off (Paperback)

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Hands Off (Paperback)


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Anton Phillips is a curse.

He is a curse to anyone he touches, bringing harm to them just for making contact. Objects around him are constantly broken thanks to his large size and generally clumsy nature. It's unintentional, but after his mother ends up hospitalized... He's had enough.

Now in college, he hasn't had so much as a hug from another person in a decade.

He runs into Cyrus Matthews, literally, and bolts when Cyrus reaches out to touch and reassure him. For a little guy, Cyrus is persistent and now that first contact has been made... He's determined to make quirky Anton into a new friend.

And, of course, he's the one that falls head-first in love with him. But Anton? He falls harder.

Note: Cover contains AI imagery

Product Details ISBN: 9798223607687
Publisher: Athena Hacker
Publication Date: December 20th, 2023
Pages: 148
Language: English