The Weight of Darkness (Paperback)

The Weight of Darkness By John a. McColley Cover Image

The Weight of Darkness (Paperback)


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Silver Hill, Nevada - 1874

The 1870's offered a peaceful, simple, life after the strife of the Civil War. Its mine promised steady work. Abigail and Martin Beckett's parents owned and ran the mine, often away for days at a time, leaving the twins to... find their own fun. Tales of strange creatures, eerie cries, men and women gone missing in a blink... Folktales flow like whiskey amongst the miners. When curiosity gets the better of Abigail, she ropes her brother into an expedition, finding far more than they bargained for. With their parents and miners acting strangely and unseen influence beginning to take hold of her faculties, Abigail reaches out to her correspondence course professors for aid. Even when they arrive, though, these wise men can hardly believe what has become of the town and its people. Amid fires and armies of the undead and other monsters, how will they survive, let alone save their parents or the town?

Product Details ISBN: 9798218354138
Publisher: Ascendent Publishing
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2024
Pages: 328
Language: English