The Power of Mindset Change: Why Mindset Matters Most (Paperback)

The Power of Mindset Change: Why Mindset Matters Most By Robert B. Dilts, Mickey Feher Cover Image

The Power of Mindset Change: Why Mindset Matters Most (Paperback)


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According to neuroscience, mindsets can be thought of as "lenses or frames of mind that orient individuals to particular sets of associations and expectations" which, in turn, shape our thinking, feelings, and behavior. Mindsets can be likened to the inner software apps that we are using to address a particular circumstance or accomplish a particular goal. They are what ultimately determine our degree of success at whatever we are attempting to achieve. Therefore, our awareness related to being in the right mindset is crucial for success in whatever we do.

In this book, authors Robert Dilts and Mickey Feher have molded ground breaking research on mindset into a powerful tool for selecting and developing the ideal mindsets for achieving key personal and professional goals. They identify three fundamental levels of mindset involved in guiding our lives and activity.

1. Meta Mindset is our big picture clarity about what we are doing. It encompasses our fundamental attitude toward our world, the work we do, and the way we see our roles and goals.

2. Macro Mindset relates to the mental disciplines and practices that we have adopted to bring focus to our big picture and put our personal and business visions into action.

3. Micro Mindset produces and guides the specific actions necessary to build a sustainable path for our venture, project, or team.

The authors show how specific patterns of three levels, Meta, Macro, and Micro Mindset are necessary to achieve core outcomes for personal and business success - personal satisfaction, meaningful contribution, innovation and resilience, scalable growth, and financial robustness. The resulting Success MindsetMaps Inventory (MMI) helps people assess their current mindset and learn how to adjust it to better support their goals.

Product Details ISBN: 9798218186647
Publisher: Mindsetmaps International Inc.
Publication Date: June 15th, 2023
Pages: 200
Language: English