The Healing Year (Paperback)

The Healing Year By Kris King (Contribution by), David Hunt (Editor), Christine Hunt Cover Image

The Healing Year (Paperback)

By Kris King (Contribution by), David Hunt (Editor), Christine Hunt


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Never breaking eye contact, she stood with her hand over the grave, releasing her clump of dirt, slowly, scornfully, a little bit at a time, until it was gone. Only then did she turn and leave the cemetery without a word.

Meet 22 year-old Abigail Gerre, fiercely outspoken, gritty and resourceful. As the narrative opens, Abigail must preside over the burial of her stepmother, Margaret, with whom she had a fractious relationship. It's January, 1867, and an outbreak of Scarlet Fever has caused Abigail to close the town's school. On the fringe of the circle of mourners is an unexpected, yet familiar figure from her past, Dr. David Caldwell, scion of a wealthy New England family, at one time her protector and friend. The reason for his sudden reappearance is unclear, but one thing is certain. His presence will change many lives, including her own.

"The Healing Year" is the story of two families, once close, who are now torn apart by a secret that should have gone to Margaret's grave. But, for David, treating those afflicted by the Scarlet Fever epidemic, will show him the life path he would choose, rather than that which his family would choose for him. For Abigail, the extended stay of the Yankee doctor will be a healing balm for her loved ones, her neighbors, and, ultimately, for herself.
Product Details ISBN: 9798218073589
Publisher: Christine Hunt, Historical Fiction
Publication Date: September 10th, 2022
Pages: 236
Language: English