The Recovering People Pleaser: A Spiritual Guide to Reclaim Your True Worth (Paperback)

The Recovering People Pleaser: A Spiritual Guide to Reclaim Your True Worth By Kristen Brown Cover Image

The Recovering People Pleaser: A Spiritual Guide to Reclaim Your True Worth (Paperback)


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Are you tired of giving more than you get, being taken for granted, treated disrespectfully or worse, being used or abused?

Why do some people naturally attract loving and respectful relationships, while others consistently attract dysfunctional, lopsided, or toxic ones? What is that "secret something" that others possess that keeps eluding you?

In The Recovering People Pleaser, Kristen Brown masterfully takes the reader on a journey of discovery to identify the root cause of people pleasing, why the pattern persists and the "miracle cure" to break free from it for good Kristen has a prolific ability to transform complex material into a teaching style that is easy to understand, absorb and apply. She also includes vulnerable excerpts from her own personal story, which add a brilliant nuance of relatability that promotes the reader to feel seen and understood.

As a recovering People Pleaser herself, Kristen Brown understands the fear of being disliked, the innate desire to nurture others and the concern of becoming selfish. The good news is the cure for people pleasing will not fundamentally change who you are. You will not stop being the lover, giver, and Earth angel that you enjoy being. You'll simply become a more authentic, confident, and empowered version of your highest self who knows how to balance the needs of others with the needs of self.

In The Recovering People Pleaser, you'll discover how to:

- Set and maintain healthy boundaries with grace and confidence

- Identify and heal subconscious programming that promotes approval seeking

- Conquer fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back

- Upgrade your energetic vibration to attract higher vibe people to you

- Break free from codependency to become interdependent

Kristen Brown knows firsthand that if we don't change the way we show up to relationships, our relationships won't change.

The Recovering People Pleaser will help you transform your painful and debilitating relationship tendencies to reclaim your personal power and love others without losing yourself. You are worthy of being treated with the utmost of love, respect, and honor. It is your birthright and it's time to claim it.

Product Details ISBN: 9798218060770
Publisher: Action Takers Publishing Inc
Publication Date: April 1st, 2023
Pages: 208
Language: English