- The Ten Best Countries in the World to Retire and Grow Old Disgracefully (Paperback)

- The Ten Best Countries in the World to Retire and Grow Old Disgracefully By Gerald Hogg Cover Image

- The Ten Best Countries in the World to Retire and Grow Old Disgracefully (Paperback)


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With 60 being the new 40 many retirees don't want to retire gracefully they want to retire disgracefully and have some fun in lives while they still can. While doing research for my retiree travel books series I have met retirees, who much to the dismay and sometimes disgust of their children and grandchildren, decided to move away from the comfort of their home towns to start new lives far away in the mystical Far-East and change their lives forever. One of them now a rides a Harley Davidson motorbike, something that he had wanted to do since he was sixteen years old when he saw Peter Fonda ride one from California to New Orleans in the movie "Easy Rider". Another retiree I interviewed was in his mid-60s and had married a 28-year-old bar lady, 14 months later she gave birth to a baby girl and he was loving the responsibility of being a father for the very first time...and yes they were very happy together. Another retiree I talked with had bought a sailing boat and learned how to sail at the age of 63 (41 in new years) and now spends his time sailing around Southeast Asia. You don't have to go to those extremes, but if you have secretly longed to do something different in your life while you were working and raising a family now is the time to do it...you don't want to die wondering what might have been.

You may be retiring soon or maybe you have already retired after working hard all of your life and you will have the time and money to live your life to the fullest. Well you hope that you will have enough money to live your life to the fullest. Many people that have retired or are retiring had well-paying jobs, a healthy superannuation account, invested wisely and saved enough money to live out their retirement years in comparative luxury. Unfortunately, many more retirees have not been so lucky or so foresighted and have only their government retirement pension and whatever savings and investments they have managed to accumulate over their working lives, and for them, the thought of living in retirement can sometimes be quite scary.

For those retirees, retiring to an overseas country has become a real consideration, because they can spend a lot less money, and get a whole lot more due to the lower cost of living than they would be able to by staying in their home countries. Add to this the tempting incentives of tropical climates and exciting new experiences to spice up your life and you can see why more and more retirees from all over the world are looking for alternative retirement options abroad. This book lists the ten best countries in the world for retirees to live where they can enjoy their retirement to the fullest on their pensions.








Costa Rica



The ten countries are all waiting to welcome you; it will be up to you to decide which is the best country that suits your personal circumstances.

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Publisher: Gerald Hogg
Publication Date: August 17th, 2020
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