Escaping Mr. Rochester (MP3 CD)

Escaping Mr. Rochester By L. L. McKinney, Nneka Okoye (Read by), Machelle Williams (Read by) Cover Image

Escaping Mr. Rochester (MP3 CD)


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In this fresh reimagining of Charlotte Bront 's classic novel by acclaimed author L. L. McKinney, Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason must save each other from the horrifying machinations of Mr. Rochester in this intrigue-filled, empowering young adult romance.

Jane Eyre has no interest in a husband. Eager to make her own way in the world, she accepts the governess position at Thornfield Hall.

Though her new employer, Edward Rochester, has a charming air--not to mention a handsome face--Jane discovers that his smile can sharpen in an instant. Plagued by Edward's mercurial mood and the strange wails that echo through the corridors, Jane grows suspicious of the secrets hidden within Thornfield Hall--unaware of the true horrors lurking above her very head.

On the topmost floor, Bertha Mason is trapped in more ways than one. After her whirlwind marriage to Edward turned into a nightmare, he locked her away as revenge for withholding her inheritance. Now his patience grows thin in the face of Bertha's resilience and Jane's persistent questions, and both young women are in more danger than they realize.

When their only chance at safety--and perhaps something more--is in each other's arms, can they find and keep one another safe before Edward's dark machinations close in around them?

Product Details ISBN: 9798212897228
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: January 16th, 2024
Language: English