Out of the Ruins: The Apocalyptic Anthology (MP3 CD)

Out of the Ruins: The Apocalyptic Anthology By Preston Grassmann, Preston Grassmann (Editor), China MiƩville Cover Image

Out of the Ruins: The Apocalyptic Anthology (MP3 CD)


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A fresh post-apocalyptic anthology: the end of the world seen through the salvage and ruins, featuring Emily St. John Mandel, Carmen Maria Machado, and more

This anthology of post-apocalyptic fiction asks: What would you save from the fire? In the moments when it all comes crashing down, what will we value the most, and how will we save it?

Out of the Ruins features stories from China Mi ville, Emily St. John Mandel, Clive Barker, Carmen Maria Machado, Charlie Jane Anders, Samuel R. Delaney, Ramsey Campbell, Lavie Tidhar, Kaaron Warrern, Anna Tambour, Nina Allan, Jeffrey Thomas, Paul Di Filippo, Ron Drummond, Nikhil Singh, John Skipp, Autumn Christian, Chris Kelso, Rumi Kaneko, Nick Mamatas, and D.R.G. Sugawara.

Product Details ISBN: 9798200747863
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Publication Date: December 14th, 2021
Language: English