Thriving After Trauma: Stories of Living and Healing (MP3 CD)

Thriving After Trauma: Stories of Living and Healing By Coleen Marlo (Read by), Lcsw Cover Image

Thriving After Trauma: Stories of Living and Healing (MP3 CD)

By Coleen Marlo (Read by), Lcsw


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Often, those who live through trauma come away with feelings of shame, guilt, anger, and despair. These are common, even normal, responses in the immediate aftermath. Left unaddressed, though, those feelings may develop into substance abuse problems, eating disorders, depression, or anxiety. Learning how to move on, to pick up and live life again, takes effort and guidance. Botwin guides listeners through the stories of others who have gone on to live fulfilling, happy lives, and provides tips and tools for healing and moving on. Letting go of the shame, guilt, anger, and fear associated with tragic events is crucial to reclaiming a full life. Strategies such as journaling, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral restructuring, and healthy relationships to aid in recovery are explored and explained, so listeners can adopt those strategies that work best for them. It is not the trauma itself that results in so many people developing self-destructive tendencies and life threatening illnesses. It is the lack of having a way to digest and make sense of the trauma-related feelings that can lead one to mental illness, disconnection, and in some cases, even death. Contains mature themes.

Product Details ISBN: 9798200332472
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Publication Date: November 8th, 2019
Language: English