Value Proposition: A New "Long March" & E3 Economy on China's Integrated Development of Internet, Big Data, AI and Manufacturing Industry (Paperback)

Value Proposition: A New

Value Proposition: A New "Long March" & E3 Economy on China's Integrated Development of Internet, Big Data, AI and Manufacturing Industry (Paperback)

By Jian Yuchi, Jian Zuo (Translator)


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The book discusses, elaborates on and answers questions to the following points: Firstly, what has changed through the information technology represented by software, Internet and big data? How do these changes effect the production relationships, the production mode and the industrial development model? Can China realize a "great-leap-forward" in economic development by promoting such a new Internet economy? Secondly, what is the format shown by the Internet economy? Is the Internet economy a market economy, or a planned economy, or is it an economic complex format which combines the planned economy and the market economy? What is the structure of the future economy? Which entities will compete with each other throughout the industries? What is the format of the future financial investment industry? Why does the Internet economy have a revolutionary impact on the economic base and the superstructure? Thirdly, let us look back on the traditional manufacturing industry. What on earth is the core value of the manufacturing industry? How is the core technology and core value of manufacturing realized? Why can it be that the industrial Internet will become a rare historical opportunity for China's manufacturing industry and economy to achieve a "great-leap-forward" development? Finally, in the big economic tide of Internet and big data, what are the future variables of China's economy? What is the established economic policy of the United States for the global economy and industries? How should the economic variables of the United States be best dealt with, those that are determined as "US priority" and "the return of manufacturing industry" strongly promoted by the U.S. President Trump?
Mr.Yuchi Jian, Senior researcher, with the majors in computer, public administration and international trade laws. His book of Value Proposition in Chinese version is now one of the bestsellers with tens of thousands of fans in China. He has been invited to give speeches more than 80 times by the main industries, companies, universities, R&D institutions, industrial development zones & parks, government agencies and big "events" across China. He is more and more regarded as a new prominent economist in China facing to the new Internet and big data economy. The "e3" economic development theory he put forward is more and more accepted and widely welcomed, which has become a main leading force to the integrated development of China's Internet, industrial Internet, big data, AI and industries.

Product Details ISBN: 9789811550270
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Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: May 16th, 2021
Pages: 164
Language: English