The plan for a greener future is called Sustainability 2.0 (Paperback)

The plan for a greener future is called Sustainability 2.0 By Janis Cover Image

The plan for a greener future is called Sustainability 2.0 (Paperback)


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Janis's "The Plan for a Greener Future: Sustainability 2.0" will change your life and help you build a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. In this groundbreaking book, Janis lays out a complete plan for taking care of the earth and making society better. Sustainability 2.0 is the newest big change in how resilient the environment is. It uses cutting-edge methods to solve today's environmental problems.

This inspiring book looks into popular terms like "circular economy," "renewable energy," and "zero-waste living." Janis leads readers through new ideas that change the way we think about sustainability. She talks about eco-friendly tools, community-driven projects, and how environmental, social, and economic issues all affect each other.

Readers will learn useful things about how to consume less, plan cities in a way that doesn't harm the environment, and use new technologies to make the future better. The book talks about global collaborations and shows great case studies that show how cross-border projects can make a difference. Sustainability 2.0 is a living plan for getting along with our world, from how businesses can be more environmentally friendly to how people can live their own lives.

Janis, a sustainability thought leader, encourages people to be change agents by giving them the tools and information they need to make the world more resilient and sustainable. Read this important and inspiring book if you want to make the world a better place by helping the environment and building a greener, more sustainable future. Join Janis on this life-changing journey and help shape the future of our world as a member of the Sustainability 2.0 movement.

Product Details ISBN: 9789358686418
ISBN-10: 9358686413
Publisher: Self Publisher
Publication Date: November 19th, 2023
Pages: 102
Language: English