The Fabulist Play Cycle: A radio play collection (Paperback)

The Fabulist Play Cycle: A radio play collection By Hugh A. D. Spencer Cover Image

The Fabulist Play Cycle: A radio play collection (Paperback)


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For the first time in print, Spencer's radio plays Amazing Struggles, Astonishing Failures, and Disappointing Success, together with the follow-up four-part audio drama CULT STORIES, tell the tales of disillusioned science fiction writers over the course of the mid-20th century.


In the Golden Age of science fiction, a group of aspiring young authors, the Fabulists, is ready to wow the world with tales of interplanetary heroism and technological supremacy.


Unfortunately, their dreams of fame and fortune are consistently dashed by the dastardly rejections of the compulsively conservative and out-of-touch editor of Tremendous Stories of Super Science.


While some of the Fabulists see middling success as teachers and television writers, another becomes a science fiction mega-star whose writing (and the author's own pathology) spawns a cult religion with wild ideas that may be a bit less bogus than his short stories.


And like an artistic pandemic, some forms of science fiction can get very ugly. Only extreme measures will save us.

Foreword by Dr. Allan Weiss, York University professor and author of Making the Rounds

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Publication Date: January 12th, 2024
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