Protecting the Line (Paperback)

Protecting the Line By Sylvain St-Pierre Cover Image

Protecting the Line (Paperback)


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I thought life would be simple after dealing with Society backstabbing, a creature from another god, and revealing my secret to my closest friends. All I'd have to do was get my new private security company off the ground, deal with Alice's constant harassment and Tom trying to run my life.

But amidst trying to find a friend who seems to have changed sides, an enemy returns, to offer his help. And a betrayal come to fruition in a rather unexpected way for me.

All I wanted was a quiet life of running my company and having guys in my bed, and considering who my god is, it should have been a sure thing, but there are other players within and around this society of ours, and they have plans for me and those around me.

So if I want my quiet days, I'm going to have to fight for them, and possibly take to bed the one man I'd rather kill.

Product Details ISBN: 9781998765003
ISBN-10: 1998765008
Publisher: Sylvain St-Pierre
Publication Date: December 5th, 2022
Pages: 474
Language: English