Juan Moreira (Paperback)

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Juan Moreira (Paperback)


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Juan Moreira is presented as a bilingual, Spanish/English book, with side-by-side texts.
Juan Moreira is a classic gaucho novel by the Argentine writer Eduardo Guti rrez, published as a serial history between November 1879 and January 1880 in the newspaper La Patria Argentina. It is inspired by a real police chronicle starring the legendary gaucho Juan Moreira, who was killed by the police in Lobos, in 1874. It is one of the most important texts of Argentine literature and Hispano-American romanticism.
As far as I know, there is only one other English translation of this book, made by John Charles Chasteen and published by Hackett under the title El Gaucho Juan Moreira. This translation is very different from Chasteen's, since instead of shortening and adapting the text to make it more pleasing to the English reader, my goal was to keep this translation as close as possible to the original, without sacrificing its legibility.
Some words couldn't be translated properly, because there are not English words for them, in such cases the Spanish word was left as it was, but we explain its meaning in the Glossary and/or in footnotes. All words included in the Glossary are underlined.
I hope this bilingual translation can help English readers to understand better this classic work of the Latin-American literature. Also this book is useful for students of Spanish, to learn Spanish through reading, since the side-by-side presentation of the Spanish and English texts, makes it easy following the original Spanish text.

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