A Cook's Book: The Essential Nigel Slater [A Cookbook] (Hardcover)

A Cook's Book: The Essential Nigel Slater [A Cookbook] By Nigel Slater Cover Image

A Cook's Book: The Essential Nigel Slater [A Cookbook] (Hardcover)


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The beloved author of Eat and Tender presents 150 satisfying and comforting recipes based on his favorite childhood food memories and culinary inspirations, accompanied by reflective personal essays.


A collection of more than 150 delicious, easy, and gratifying plant-based and meat recipes, A Cook’s Book is the story of famed food writer Nigel Slater’s life in the kitchen. He charms readers with the tales behind the recipes, recalling the first time he ate a sublime baguette in Paris and the joy of his first slice of buttercream-topped chocolate cake.

From the first jam tart he made with his mum, standing on a chair trying to reach his family's classic Aga stove, through learning how to cook on his own and developing his most well-known and beloved recipes, readers will be delighted by the origin stories behind Slater's work. Slater writes eloquently about how his cooking has changed, from discovering the trick to the perfect whipped cream to the best way to roast a chicken. 

These are Nigel Slater's go-to recipes, the heart and soul of his simple and flavorful cooking. Chapters include:

• A Bowl of Soup: Pumpkin Laksa, Spicy Red Lentil Soup, Pea and Parsley Soup
• Breaking Bread: Soft Rolls with Feta and Rosemary, Blackcurrant Focaccia, Large Sourdough Loaf
• Everyday Greens: Cheesy Greens and Potatoes, Spiced Zucchini with Spinach, Herb Pancakes with Mushroom
• Everyday Dinners: Beet and Lamb Patties, Pork and Lemon Meatballs, Mussels, Coconut, and Noodles
• A Slice of Tart: Mushroom and Dill Tart, A Tart of Leeks and Cheddar, Blackcurrant Macaroon Tart

This is by far Slater's most personal book yet, and with gorgeous photography featuring Slater in his London home and garden, readers get a peek at his inspirations, motivations, and thoughts on the food world today.
Nigel Slater is the author of a collection of bestselling books, including the classics Real Fast Food, Appetite, and the critically acclaimed The Kitchen Diaries. He has written a much-loved column for The Observer (London) for eighteen years and is the presenter of the award-winning BBC series Simple Suppers. His memoir, Toast: The Story of a Boy’s Hunger, has won six major awards, including British Biography of the Year, and has been adapted into a BBC film. 
Product Details ISBN: 9781984861696
ISBN-10: 1984861697
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Publication Date: March 7th, 2023
Pages: 512
Language: English
“Though perfectly explicit, Slater’s recipes read like prose, which means that you’ll want to curl up in your favorite chair and read through each one slowly until you just can’t take it any longer and have to get up to make your own za’atar-spiked chicken cutlets or a bowl of orecchiette tossed with basil and zucchini.”—Eater

“His work proves that simple cooking with good ingredients will often result in a sumptuous meal if approached thoughtfully, and in A Cook’s Book, you’ll find plenty of relaxed, intentionally crafted meals to return to over and over again.”—Bon Appetit

“With A Cook’s Book, Slater’s 16th, he solidifies his status as a home-cook icon. The recipes are simple and confident, the ingredient lists radical in their hewing to what’s on hand in today’s pantry . . .”—AirMail