The Last Philadelphia Gentlemen: The Sunset of an American Ruling Class (Paperback)

The Last Philadelphia Gentlemen: The Sunset of an American Ruling Class By Paul Hutter Cover Image

The Last Philadelphia Gentlemen: The Sunset of an American Ruling Class (Paperback)


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The Book of Record Regarding the WASP Aristocracy and its Legacy

...From the Medieval chivalric code of the gentleman to the Ivy-covered quads of Princeton, Harvard, and Yale.

"In a style that echoes the great John McFee, Hutter clearly explains the under-appreciated importance of the WASP Aristocracy in the development and growth of the United States. Once you start reading, you won't stop." -Patrick Stack, Founder, Out of Pocket Films

"Virginia's Founding Fathers (Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe) are now under full frontal assault by global forces possessing outsize power and influence. Hutter's book outlines this fascinating story." - Henry Wheelwright, Virginian and descendant of George Washington

"Anyone who wants to understand the nature of a classic gentleman (or lady) must read this book." - Donald L. Twiss, 10th Generation Colonial Descendant


Standing on the shoulders of famed University of Pennsylvania professor, E. Digby Baltzell, the author explores the evolution of the WASP Aristocracy and the "Genteel Upper Classes" from the arrival of the Mayflower in 1619 to the onset of the 21st century "Davos Man'' in 2020. Starting with a comprehensive analysis of Western Civilization and its origins, he ushers the reader through the Protestant Reformation, the Enlightenment and the American colonial era, which was created by the WASP diaspora fleeing the English Civil War (1642-1649) ... As the WASP demographic cohort lost much of its power and influence to a post-WWII "Meritocracy of Talent", the 21st century has greeted it - and the nation - with unprecedented challenges. In examining this elite cultural history through the lens of 10 iconic Philadelphia families, the book serves as both a homage to a proud WASP past, as well as a warning regarding a fraught WASP future.

...The sophisticates' version of "The Preppy Handbook"

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Publication Date: October 5th, 2022
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