Alliance (Paperback)

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Alliance (Paperback)


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Friends In Danger. Family At Risk. Worlds Set To Fall.

Kena thought Assimilating to one of the Societies' seven planets and finding a way to save the Earthers who couldn't was the extent of her problems. She couldn't have been more wrong.

The villainous Spear group has come out of the shadows and taken over the Hub, the space station that controls travel between all the Societal worlds. They've pledged to wage war and exact control over all the planets. Kena doesn't even know who's leading them, yet finds herself thrust unwillingly into a leadership role of her own. Add to that the complication of discovering she is Connected to Fell, with no time to explore her new romance with the forest walker.

Kena and her friends manage to return to the Hub, but defeating the Spear and rescuing their victims proves riskier and more complicated than predicted. Kena develops a new and frightening ability that could save them all, but it comes with a cost.

Will she disregard her principles to save those she cares about, or find a way to use her incredible power honorably without dooming them all?
Product Details ISBN: 9781961057098
ISBN-10: 1961057093
Publisher: Night Loch Publishers LLC
Publication Date: September 19th, 2023
Pages: 314
Language: English