Let's Talk About THAT (Paperback)

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Let's Talk About THAT (Paperback)


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This book was written based on radical honesty in parenting. Answer questions considering the kid's current stage of development and understanding.

"-So, every time you have intercourse, you will have a baby?"

Well, the moment the question was out, Uma realized there are two kinds of sex talk, the recreational and the other, that don't involve reproduction.

Radical honesty can be uncomfortable sometimes, there will always be questions what hard to answer.

However, the world had changed so much. Excess to the internet lets young children seek for answers, but unfortu-nately, they don't necessarily look in the right place.

Many children have no privilege to ask their parents, be-cause it's considered to be a taboo, surrounded with hazy guilt. Some kids lost their parents and walking in the dark.

The author wants to provide a neutral opportunity for kids to fulfill their thirst for knowledge about topics of taboos as sex and death.

Unfortunately, bullying became a norm. Our society ac-cepted it. Ill-minded people project their insecurity and point fingers, blaming others for their failures. So much injustice, and we close our eyes, pretend to be blind, or simply turn away. Adults insult minors, and men harass women. Women accuse men.

The book will discuss racism and bullying as well and will show a healthy way to cope with it.

Product Details ISBN: 9781959484509
ISBN-10: 1959484508
Publisher: Uma Kirko
Publication Date: March 10th, 2023
Pages: 126
Language: English