Life After (Paperback)

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Life After (Paperback)


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The world didn't listen in the before. Now those left in the world are trying to survive the after.

And the after is all Winona has ever known. After her parents passed away in a horrific wildfire, she has had to learn to survive on her own. And she's been doing just that in the decade since that fateful day, but when she happens upon a malnourished boy, she decides to take a chance. In exchange for helping with the tasks she can't complete, Winona agrees to share what little resources she has with Jeremy. But just as she begins to warm to him and they settle into a comfortable existence, tragedy strikes once again.

Mia and Diego have been by one another's side since the before. After spending years warning the world about what was to come, Diego has given up. Once a world-renowned scientist, he is now an alcoholic trying to get by as Mia refuses to give up on him.

There are others, but not many, in the after: siblings bound together by a secret, a couple shrouded in lies just trying to get by, and a person lost to the forest who doesn't know what they are missing.

Is continued survival in the after possible? Can the survivors, and the earth, heal from their traumas?

Product Details ISBN: 9781958673775
ISBN-10: 1958673773
Publisher: Midnight Tide Publishing
Publication Date: May 22nd, 2024
Pages: 276
Language: English