Disconnected (Paperback)

Disconnected By Riley Cross, Haley Hwang (Editor) Cover Image

Disconnected (Paperback)


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Chiara was born a mistake. An Anomaly. In her struggle to belong in Unity's genetically engineered social system, Chiara finds herself in the crosshairs of Auto, the ever-watching AI.

When her parents and grandfather are killed in a series of mysterious accidents, the teen is plagued by disturbing fragments of memory that suggest the deaths were no accident. Only Kaynine, her loyal robot dog, knows for sure what happened, and Chiara must find its corrupted memory files. She is desperate for the truth even if the cost is abandoning Silas, her long-time friend and unsanctioned crush.

She is on the verge of losing it all: honors-class ranking, best friend, and her dream of becoming an inventor.

The virtual realm and reality collide as Chiara's coding skills enable her to search for answers in the Forbidden Library. And when her journey takes her past Unity's city limits and face-to-face with other social outcasts, Chiara realizes that one girl with a book just might be dangerous enough to crash the entire system of lies.

Fans of dystopian science fiction will love the novel's deadly plot twists as it explores the darker nature of chasing perfection.

Product Details ISBN: 9781957656144
ISBN-10: 195765614X
Publisher: Monarch Educational Services, L.L.C.
Publication Date: May 10th, 2023
Pages: 318
Language: English