Colossus (Paperback)

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Colossus (Paperback)


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"...a spine-tingling sf novel certain to wow readers who want to explore sentient AI, parallel universes, paranoia, and sustaining human consciousness for generations to come." -- Booklist

For fans of psychological SF novels like THE GONE WORLD and SIX WAKES...

Economics professor Clay West has always explained the world through the lens of his profession. But after his girlfriend Karla takes Dying Wish-a drug that supposedly reveals the nature of reality moments before it claims your life-Clay is devastated. No amount of rationalization can explain Karla's actions.

Distraught, Clay joins a mission into the dark emptiness of space where answers are promised to reside. But when the ship begins to malfunction, Clay and the surviving crew members suspect there's more to the mission than they've been told. They've been lied to, and they're drifting into dead space.

Clay's memories of Karla haunt him even more than the ship's chaos, and there's something wrong with his memories: he has too many. The ship's Al tells Clay his false memories are a normal side-effect of the hibernation, but to Clay, the memories suggest something far more insidious.

He's been on this ship before...

Product Details ISBN: 9781956136623
ISBN-10: 1956136622
Publisher: Parliament House Press, LLC
Publication Date: March 26th, 2024
Pages: 414
Language: English