Adapt: Scaling Purpose in a Divisive World (Hardcover)

Adapt: Scaling Purpose in a Divisive World By Diane Primo Cover Image

Adapt: Scaling Purpose in a Divisive World (Hardcover)

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ADAPT: Scaling Purpose in a Divisive World represents the most up to date, cutting edge thinking on corporate purpose.

ADAPT is both a framework for understanding corporate purpose and a way to achieve more a resilient, adaptable business. Filled with original research, ADAPT reveals insights from 16 contributors providing new thoughts on building and mastering purpose, from Microsoft, the most valuable company in the world, to Nike, arguably the most culturally relevant company in the world. The ADAPT framework will help both the novice and the advanced thinker put in context insights on culture, controversy, ESG, DE&I, Covid-19, and how to catapult purpose in business.

If you are interested in corporate purpose then this is the one book you should read.

Overcome Challenges and Strengthen Your Business

Assess - The journey starts and ends with external and internal assessment in an unending loop. Your ability to succeed is grounded in your ability to listen and discover.

Define - The definition phase is a company's moment of truth. Do you have a purpose statement, a campaign concept or a holistic approach to leading with purpose within your company?

Amplify - This section addresses the elephant in the room- "no one remembers my purpose." It is the planful guide to authentically aligning stakeholders and believably communicating your purpose story.

Perform - Performance is easily the most debated topic amongst purpose influencers, challengers and thought leaders. We review the growing body of research and give you practical next steps.

Transcend - Purpose is a competitive advantage - achieved and sustained through the very highest level of purpose consciousness, behaving and relating, as ends rather than means, to oneself, to stakeholders and to transformative outcomes.

Use ADAPT to Explore these Crucial Questions with your Team

  • What does it look like to lead with purpose?
  • What drives purpose in your business?
  • How could a purpose-driven strategy help your company overcome challenges?
  • What does it mean to scale purpose successfully?
  • How might your business measure purpose progress and success?
  • What will purpose led companies look like and how will they perform in the next 10 years?
  • How will your company take advantage of advancements in ESG?
  • How will you make purpose stick within your organization?

Product Details ISBN: 9781951317454
ISBN-10: 1951317459
Publisher: Weeva, Inc
Publication Date: May 17th, 2022
Pages: 396
Language: English