Light Hunter (Hardcover)

Light Hunter By Haylie Hanson Cover Image

Light Hunter (Hardcover)


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Callie James crash-lands the World Diver into an alternate dimension. She kind of needed a Seer to help with piloting. Too bad she was busy escaping evil hottie Nate Ormandi to worry about that.

Now she's stuck on Tremurheim, a mysterious world of tree-vikings and soul-sucking mist monsters.

But somewhere on the planet a Light Core calls to her. Now she just has to find it as part of her quest to unite the multiverse. A quest she'll complete no matter what stands in her way.

The only local who will help is Toran Rykjiersen, who's basically a jerk. But he's also desperate to get his little sister Heike off Tremurheim-even if that means aiding a dangerous "skyfire sorceress" like Callie.

Meanwhile, evil dude Nate must capture the Light Core of the world Ictari. As an undead Shadowmancer, finding Light isn't his forte, but if he fails, his master will end him the rest of the way. Permanently.

As Luminaut and Shadowmancer race to find the Light Cores, the line between hero and villain blurs.

And the quest that Callie holds dear might lead to the very evil she hopes to prevent.

Product Details ISBN: 9781948896429
ISBN-10: 1948896427
Publisher: Uncommon Universes Press
Publication Date: April 21st, 2022
Pages: 386
Language: English