Gangsta Shyt: Ride, Kill or Die Trying (Paperback)

Gangsta Shyt: Ride, Kill or Die Trying By Cato Cover Image

Gangsta Shyt: Ride, Kill or Die Trying (Paperback)

By Cato


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ANTONIO "TONY" STALLWORTH is a killer by nature and a gangster by breed. Brooklyn, New York has never seen a hustler with his ambition before, but the city is about to be introduced to some downright GANGSTA SHYT.

Opposing Tony's street dreams are an old school black syndicate in Brooklyn's black underworld who Stallworth tried to work with but they refused his overtures. They viewed his emergence on the scene as a growing threat to their rackets. When they rebuke Tony's offer with an assassination attempt, a deadly war ensues in the streets of the BK.

Both sides are vicious and cunning, and unrepentant in their brutality and thirst to reign supreme. Though the odds seem stacked against him, Tony has a powerful team of real niggas, one in particular, the head of his muscle, a young brash killer out of Yonkers named MACKY BOY aka Babyface Assassin whose creed is death before dishonor.

When an internal struggle for power ensues and treachery and envy rears its ugly head within the ranks, Tony has another secret weapon on his team. The beautiful, sexy and deadly SUGAR, whose love for him is indestructible.

Sugar goes all out to protect her man and his interests, even if it means RIDE, KILL OR DIE TRYING.

Product Details ISBN: 9781948878241
ISBN-10: 1948878240
Publisher: Lock Down Publications
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2018
Pages: 244
Language: English