The Life of Francis Marion: The "Swamp Fox" (Hardcover)

The Life of Francis Marion: The

The Life of Francis Marion: The "Swamp Fox" (Hardcover)


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Francis Marion became known as the "Swamp Fox" for his gutsy guerilla warfare conducted against the British during the American Revolution. Marion's knowledge of the woods and swamps of South Carolina were used as a weapon against the hapless Colonel Tarleton, who had been tasked with rooting out Marion's forces; it was Tarleton who is credited with giving Marion his nickname. Marion dogged the British throughout the war, earning himself an enduring legacy within the country he helped found. America's special forces, such as the Rangers and Green Berets, trace their heritage back to men like Marion and the tactics he employed. While some accounts of Marion's life and deeds were exaggerated, this edition, written by William Gilmore Simms in 1844, is regarded by modern historians as generally accurate.

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