Unchosen (Hardcover)

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Unchosen (Hardcover)


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Neve Ruiz was supposed to be chosen.

Instead, she's forced to watch as her former best friend heads off to a life of privilege at the National Women's Institute-a life that was meant to be hers.

Faced with the shame of being marked as Unchosen, Neve's prospects are bleak. Indebted to her benefactor, her once certain future is now as squishy as the rotten oranges decaying on the peninsula streets.

When her meager savings becomes collateral in her benefactor's pocket, Neve must make an impossible choice: marry a man she detests who is willing to pay off her debt, or spy on the mysterious, kind politician from a country shrouded in secrecy under the guise of being married. Only then will her money be returned and her debt be forgiven.

With survival on the line, Neve's choice is unsavory, and clear. But as she steps into a new life on foreign soil, she is forced to question the price of her freedom, and if a debt is ever really paid.

Filled with political intrigue, a marriage-of-convenience, and thrilling espionage, Unchosen provides insight into what happened to Neve after Arden left the Laarsworth Estate, and what threads were woven to see them reunited once more.

Product Details ISBN: 9781942111887
ISBN-10: 1942111886
Publisher: Reuts Publications
Publication Date: December 5th, 2023
Pages: 322
Language: English