Alawahea: The Azellian Affairs, Book One (Paperback)

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Tamara Carrington always felt different. One event in high school left her wondering if maybe she really was a freak, although she'd managed to leave that experience in the past-buried deep within her psyche. With the arrival of exchange students from the planet of Azelle to her college, Tamara's long-buried memories threaten to erupt. As Tamara's emotions build and her friendship with the Azellians grows, so does the knowledge of secrets within her own family. With the deterioration of her mother's health, Tamara doesn't know where to turn for answers or solace. What has her family been hiding? Why does she feel inexplicably drawn to the Azellians? What will happen if she unleashes her long-suppressed passion? Will she survive or even recognize herself afterwards? Wanting answers, yet being afraid of what she might find, Tamara wonders if it would be better to remain asleep.

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ISBN: 9781939919137
ISBN-10: 1939919134
Publisher: Merry Dissonance Press
Publication Date: July 15th, 2015
Pages: 478
Language: English