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Thomas had read Gray Wolf's face well. "It's not your fault, son. Remember when I told you we can't blame an entire people for the mistakes of one?"

While the eastern half of the United States is embroiled in Civil War to end slavery, military and political leaders in 1864 Colorado Territory strive to enslave the Native American population they see as impeding settlement. Prairie Grace portrays this clash of cultures through real people, Georgia MacBaye, a throw-caution-to-the-wind frontierswoman, and Gray Wolf, a Cheyenne brave who is thrown into the white world when his uncle, Chief Lean Bear, leaves him on the MacBaye doorstep in hopes that Georgia's mother, a well-known healer, will be able to save his life.

Despite the hostilities perpetrated by both the U.S. military and Native renegades, there are individuals from both the white and Native populations that speak reason and deal honorably with each other--including Thomas, Georgia's father, whose ultimate sacrifice brings Gray Wolf to understand grace in a profound way. Destined to be enemies, Georgia and Gray Wolf battle their own and society's prejudices as they strive to carve out their futures. Packed with history, fast moving and believable, Prairie Grace is a heartbreaking tale of our nation's past.

About the Author

Marilyn Bay Wentz is a third-generation Coloradoan, who grew up on a family farm in northern Colorado. With a degree in journalism, she has written hundreds of news releases and feature stories for her clients and employers, which include "Saatchi" & "Saatchi Advertising Taiwan," the "National Farmers Union" and the "National Bison Association." In addition to operating Prairie Natural Lamb, she currently is editor of two agricultural publications: "Bison World" and "Open Pastures."
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ISBN: 9781938467820
ISBN-10: 1938467825
Publisher: Koehler Books
Publication Date: December 1st, 2013
Pages: 292
Language: English