A Predicament of Innocents: Might the Schools Help? (Paperback)

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The sixty essays and vignettes are about the intersection of learning and school as seen and understood by long-time teacher and photographer George Stranahan. The writings are solidly progressive, and well stocked with facts and references to support that position. The photographs are of Stranahan’s students taken as part of class projects in self-understanding or as their eighth-grade graduation portraits. While the photos were taken in the studio, the children, “the innocents,” present themselves with a forthright intimacy.

About the Author

George S. Stranahan is a lifelong educator. In 56 years of teaching he has left his mark in army, university, primary, high, and charter schools. Stranahan is a founder of Michigan Montessori Internationale, the Aspen Community School, the Early Childhood Center, the Carbondale Community School, and the Roaring Fork Teacher Education Project in partnership with the Graduate School of Education at Colorado University Boulder.Stranahan is also a lifelong student. He received his B.S in Physics from the California Institute of Technology, his M.S. and Ph.D in physics from Carnegie Institute of Technology, a Postdoctoral fellowship from Purdue University, and learned the art of ranching from working the irrigation and fields on his Colorado ranch.
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ISBN: 9781936905997
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Publisher: People's Press
Publication Date: February 19th, 2013
Pages: 350
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