Ruby, Between the Cracks (Paperback)

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Ruby, Between the Cracks (Paperback)


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We all have secrets. But at a certain point, they become too big to keep.

If you asked Ruby, she'd tell you she's happy with her life. She's tough and independent and doesn't depend on anyone else. The road that has led her here has not been easy, and she's blocked a lot of it from her memory.

But things aren't as rosy as she would have everyone believe, and the road ahead of her is filled not only with gangs, drugs, and depression, but other challenges that Ruby hasn't even imagined.

Winner of "In The Margins" Top Ten Best Books for Teens Award 2015. Awarded to relevant books for our communities that validate, illuminate and humanize those living in the margins.

Praise for Ruby

You know it's a great book when you have to keep reminding yourself that the characters are not real people. I really cared about Ruby, and she gave me some bad moments. I desperately hoped her story would have a happy ending.

"Ruby" exposes the complex and brutal relationship between mental illness, poverty, and abuse ... a page turner I had to finish

"Ruby" really put me through the wringer and I actually had to put it down a few times because I needed to return to reality ... There was no chance I was going to stop reading until I knew how the story ended ... I seriously can't wait for book two

The Between the Cracks books have been absolutely AMAZING As soon as I started to read "Ruby", I just had to keep going.

I wish I could forget the book Ruby and read it all over again.

This book is utterly amazing, I find myself having more empathy for children in these types of situations than ever before. My heart seriously yearns for them. I can't put this book down.

Praise for P.D. Workman

Every single one of P.D. Workman's] books has spoken to me in ways no one or almost anything else has. And I have found strength in the books I've read.

The way that P.D. Workman writes just flows amazingly and allows the reader to get really invested in a book.

Product Details ISBN: 9781926500249
ISBN-10: 1926500245
Publisher: P.D. Workman
Publication Date: May 28th, 2015
Pages: 490
Language: English
Series: Between the Cracks