Healthy Bees, Heavy Hives - How to maximise your honey crop (Paperback)

Healthy Bees, Heavy Hives - How to maximise your honey crop By Steve Donohoe, Paul Horton, Simon Paterson (Designed by) Cover Image

Healthy Bees, Heavy Hives - How to maximise your honey crop (Paperback)


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Introduction: Delve into the world of beekeeping mastery by following one of the UK's foremost bee farmers, Paul Horton. This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide navigates the maximising of honey crop yields while prioritising honey bee health, leveraging available forage, and integrating modern management techniques.

Authors' Backgrounds: Paul Horton, a second-generation bee farmer from Lincolnshire, and a director of the Bee Farmers' Association, joins forces with Steve Donohoe, an author, blogger, and magazine editor with a passion for beekeeping. Paul's remarkable achievements in honey yields and Steve's commitment to the craft create a dynamic collaboration that promises valuable insights for beekeepers of all levels.

Key Themes and Concepts: Embark on a journey inspired by the classics of beekeeping literature, 'Honey Farming' by R.O.B. Manley and 'Honey By The Ton' by Oliver Field. From fundamental principles to navigating the beekeeping season, harvesting, processing, and marketing; everything is covered. Don't miss the indispensable sections on honey bee health, queens, forage plants, and moving bees, all delivered with an honest and humorous narrative.

Positive Feedback: Murray McGregor of Denrosa Apiaries lauds the book, stating, "All can benefit from the knowledge included, and the easily assimilated style in which it is written. I recommend this book to all with any interest in beekeeping and acquiring an understanding of taking a hobby or smaller bee farm on to the next stage."

Unique Insights: Explore the distinctive realm of migratory beekeeping in the UK, a subject rarely covered well elsewhere. Paul Horton's specialisation unfolds, from the pollination of top fruit in spring to honey crops like oilseed rape, field beans, and borage in summer, culminating in the heather-covered moors of Yorkshire.

Closing Statement: 'Healthy Bees, Heavy Hives' provides refreshing perspectives into the world of commercial beekeeping. Packed with powerful methods applicable to both hobbyists and professionals, every reader will discover something of value for fostering healthy bees and cultivating hives laden with honey.

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Publisher: Northern Bee Books
Publication Date: December 29th, 2023
Pages: 226
Language: English