Water, Rivers and Creeks (Paperback)

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Concerned with water resources throughout his career, Luna B. Leopold has at last brought together over forty years of experience to produce Water, Rivers and Creeks, a nontechnical primer on hydrology and water resources. As an expert engineer, meteorologist, environmentalist and geologist, few individuals could provide the breadth of coverage with the insightful brevity that characterize this introduction to water. By integrating the basics of hydrology and geomorphology with the practical formulation of policy, this book is intended for the general public, students of environmental studies, legislators, policy makers, and all others who are interested in the use, control, and management of water.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781891389665
ISBN-10: 1891389661
Publisher: University Science Books
Publication Date: June 15th, 1997
Pages: 208
Language: English