The Narcissist Slayer (Paperback)

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The Narcissist Slayer (Paperback)


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The narcissist slayer. Eight victims of narcissistic abuse arrive on the beautiful island of Malta to attend a workshop run by Bev Baker. They are traumatised and desperate. Bev is their last hope. She is the narcissist slayer. During the workshop they enter the dark and twisted mind of the narcissist to uncover what makes them tick and why they are determined to destroy lives. They get to understand the different types of narcissist from mother to lover, the narcissistic cycle of abuse commonly known as love bombing, gaslighting, discarding and hoovering, the horrors of the trauma bond and the devastating impact it has on their mind, body and sanity. Armed with insider knowledge, a fistful of strategies, a rejuvenated body, an injection of self-esteem and the support of each other they tell their harrowing stories but not everyone has the courage to change their story. The end is a revelation.

Product Details ISBN: 9781803697765
ISBN-10: 1803697768
Publisher: New Generation Publishing
Publication Date: July 5th, 2023
Pages: 180
Language: English