Mediterranean Recipes for busy people (Hardcover)

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Mediterranean Recipes for busy people (Hardcover)


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Mediterranean Recipes for Busy People

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How to cook tasty and healthy dishes step by step

Mediterranean diet, a food style that we hear so much about and that a good part of the world "envies" us, being widespread in the countries of the Mediterranean Sea basin, such as Italy, Spain, France, and Greece.

This type of diet, in fact, is composed of all those foods that are typical of this geographical area, such as complex carbohydrates and starches of pasta and pizza, but also Greek pita and Arabic bread, the noble proteins of fish, and the precious fats of extra virgin olive oil.

But what is good to eat according to this diet? And why is its "food pyramid" considered balanced and healthy?

The so-called "food pyramid" of the Mediterranean diet

The concept of "food pyramid" is a simple visual scheme that summarizes in the form of a triangle the proportions between the foods allowed, in order to balance quantities and weekly frequency.

The Veronesi Foundation also talks about it in a dedicated study, defining it as the "pyramid of health". We have already talked about the foods allowed and to be avoided in different types of diets, from plant-based to vegan, from ketogenic to gluten-free, from paleo to lactose-free.

The Mediterranean diet is definitely very sustainable over time because it is essentially an omnivorous diet. Not only that, it is also very tasty and its basic foods are the ones any Italian knows and loves, from a very young age.

Reasoning in terms of macronutrients, in fact, the base of the pyramid is made of carbohydrates, sugars and especially starches. They are to be consumed every day as the main substances, in the percentage of 45-60% of the total.

The second step of the pyramid, always with a daily consumption but rotating the variety of foods and in reduced quantities compared to carbohydrates, are the good fats of dairy products, dried fruit, and olive oil, in the percentage of about 20-35%.

Lastly, at the top of the pyramid, therefore meant as foods to be consumed only weekly and in moderate quantities, we find proteins from meat, fish, eggs, legumes, and complex sugars from sweets, in the percentage of 10-12% of the total.

Now it's up to you to take the last step, make this wonderful gift to you and all your family because, in addition to cooking some really delicious dishes, you'll help them stay in perfect physical shape.

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