How to Analyze Poeple (Paperback)

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How to Analyze Poeple (Paperback)


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Frustrated by your inability to understand people by observing them? Are you tired of being completely caught unawares by people's spontaneous behavior? Would you like to master the art of reading people like a book?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this book is for you.

We've all have been blindsided by the behaviors of others a few times in our lives, moments where we completely misread a person. But if you're always oblivious to obvious body language signs and are often accused of not being able to "read the room", then you need to sharpen your observation skills.

The solution to this problem is to equip yourself with a toolset of proven psychological tactics to help you understand subconscious body language signals that people are hardwired to exhibit under different emotional and mental states. That's what you're going to learn in How to Analyze People.

The goal of this book is simple. In this book, you're going to learn all the skills, techniques and strategies to help you decipher even the most subtle of body language signs and subconscious cues without breaking a sweat.

Take a look at some of the things you're going to learn in this book:

-Foolproof ways to help you guess people hidden's intention with a high degree of accuracy

-Step-by-step instructions to help you analyze people using body language clues

-Signs to look for when trying to read people that tells you all you need to know about them

-Failsafe ways to tell when people are lying to you or trying to deceive you

-Subconscious behavior and body language signs people exhibit when they trust you or are attracted to you

-Proven ways to tell that a person is insecure and lacks self-confidence

-5 surefire signs that someone you're interacting is faking body language signals to deceive you

...and much, much more

How to Analyze People is full of profound insights that will equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate social situations. You're going to be provided with practical, actionable advice that will help you understand human nature if practiced consistently.

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Product Details ISBN: 9781801098236
ISBN-10: 1801098239
Publisher: Jake Nigram
Publication Date: November 4th, 2020
Pages: 138
Language: English