Senbazuru: One Thousand Steps to Happiness, Fold by Fold (Hardcover)

Senbazuru: One Thousand Steps to Happiness, Fold by Fold By Michael James Wong Cover Image

Senbazuru: One Thousand Steps to Happiness, Fold by Fold (Hardcover)


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Fold your way to happiness through the inspiring philosophy of Senbazuru—the tradition of folding one thousand paper cranes—with a leading voice in the global mindfulness movement as your guide.

In Japan, the paper crane is a symbol of peace, hope, and healing. It is considered the "bird of happiness," a mystical and majestic creature that according to myth can live for a thousand years. Tradition has it that if a person were to fold one thousand paper cranes in a single year, they would be gifted one special wish that would grant long life, healing from illness or injury, and eternal happiness. The tradition of folding one thousand paper cranes is called Senbazuru ("sen" meaning "one thousand" and "orizuru" meaning "paper crane"). In this book, renowned yoga and meditation teacher Michael James Wong brings Senbazuru to life as an inspiring philosophy that encourages slowing down and taking many small steps on our own personal path. This is a book of small steps and gentle wisdoms to heal your soul and help you find your own path to happiness.

FOR READERS OF: Ikigai and Dot Journaling, and fans of mindful craft like coloring books and puzzles.

ORIGAMI IS THE NEW MINDFUL CRAFT: Fans of coloring books and puzzles will flock to this trend for its ease, versatility, and affordability.

FOR FANS OF JAPANESE CULTURE: This will appeal to readers of books like Ikigai and A Little Book of Japanese Contentments.

EXPERT AUTHOR: Wong is the founder of Just Breathe, an organization focused on bringing mindfulness into the real world. He hosts events; speaks regularly in the UK, Australia, and California; and partners with brands like Rituals and international festivals like Wanderlust. He has nearly 40,000 followers on Instagram, and his work has been featured in The Telegraph, BBC Radio, Mind Body Green, Women's Health, Men's Health, Yahoo! News, Well + Good, and more.

CHARITY PROJECT: Through Michael's charity partnership, Cranes of Hope, his corporate sponsors will donate £1 to a COVID relief fund for everyone who makes and sends in a paper crane. The cranes are going to be built into an amazing installation in St. Paul's Cathedral in London, where an event will be held to mourn those lost to COVID and bring hope for the future. Details on U.S. events to come.

A PRACTICE OF PATIENCE FOR HEALING AND WELLNESS: As we've had to take a step back from socializing and cancel plans during the pandemic, we have all been reminded of what it means to really slow down. The origami practice is not, like most things today, a work of self-gratification but rather a work of patience and discovery. Wong's origami technique forces readers to breathe deeply and slow down, soothing the mind and soul.

Perfect for: enthusiasts of mindfulness, wellness, yoga, origami; coloring book / puzzle aficionados; parents

Digital audio edition introduction read by the author.
Michael James Wong is a leading voice in the global movement for modern mindfulness, community activist, yoga and meditation teacher, speaker, and author. In 2016, Wong founded Just Breathe, an organization focused on bringing mindfulness into the real world and building strong supportive communities of likeminded people. Just Breathe events have brought together over 50,000 people for breathtaking and breath-making moments that are curated in collaboration with some of the most iconic international spaces, including the British Museum and Tate Modern Turbine Hall. In 2019, Wong was named in Balance Magazine's 2019 Wellness 100 list. Wong has been featured in the Guardian, London Times, Telegraph, GQ, Men's Health, Women's Health, Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, BBC Radio, Yahoo! News, and many more news outlets, and he has lectured at the University of Brighton, the University of Bristol, and Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, about the benefit of meditation and mindfulness as a way to reduce stress and amplify our own well-being.
Product Details ISBN: 9781797213675
ISBN-10: 1797213679
Publisher: Chronicle Prism
Publication Date: October 19th, 2021
Pages: 208
Language: English
"Guides us through the healing power of origami paper cranes." --London Post

"A meditative guide to folding Japanese paper cranes." --Woman's Weekly

"A collection of short stories, fables and meditations. Traditional hand-painted proverbs or wisdoms add further inspiration." --Waitrose Weekend

"The paper crane is considered a symbol of peace, hope, and healing in Japan, and Senbazuru will teach you the ancient technique of folding paper cranes. It takes only 12 steps to create a crane but requires the utmost patience and intention. The ritual of folding becomes a moving meditation, and each step becomes a triumph." --Reader's Digest

"Filled with beautiful illustrations, stories, and wisdom to show how the ritual of paper folding can add more hope, healing, and happiness to your life." --Greatist