The Dead's Hero (Paperback)

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The Dead's Hero (Paperback)


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Welcome to the Afterlife. A battle rages between the Dead and their enemy, the Builders. In this exciting, humorous and violent novel we are introduced to three mystical orbs that are as old as the beginning of time. But these orbs were separated millions of years ago and long to be joined together. If they can be located and united they will form an all-powerful weapon that will control the fate of the Afterlife and every human being that has ever walked the face of the Earth. If the Dead are lucky they will control the orbs which will allow them to move on from their purgatory to a peaceful place of omniscience, growth and understanding. But they are being thwarted by the Builders who don't want the Dead to cross over into their turf and they are working hard to control the Afterlife by building a barrier to stop the Dead from moving on.

For the Dead to succeed they must bring down the barrier and the only way to stop the Builders is to simultaneously control all three orbs. But if the Builders get the three orbs first then all humans, once they die, will forever live in a hellish purgatory until the end of time. The stakes could not be higher for every human being, alive and dead.

The Dead and the Builders have battled for millennia with neither group securing all three orbs simultaneously. Both groups require a living human to locate and deliver the orbs. Whichever side completes the task first will control the gates of the Afterlife.

The Dead's Hero is a man named Victor Jones. He is a kind man but an underachiever who never lived up to his potential. He doesn't think he is special. He has no powers, few friends and little motivation. But he has been put into this unenviable position against his wishes. He will assemble a small cadre of people to help in his journey, including two old feisty grandmothers with secrets, a swash-buckling, samurai sword-wielding personal injury attorney, his paralegal and the man who produces all of the over the top personal injury commercials. Victor will also be aided by a marijuana smoking ghost who has been dead for 40 years.

Victor will need all the help he can get because the Builder's hero is a bad-ass former German special forces agent named Kitta who uses her muscle, looks and savvy to eliminate anyone in her path. Torture and murder are her stock in trade. Time is ticking and blood, intrigue and a lot of anxiety lead up to this novel's exciting conclusion.

Product Details ISBN: 9781792363344
ISBN-10: 1792363346
Publisher: Independent Publisher
Publication Date: October 8th, 2021
Pages: 252
Language: English