Next generation supply chains: The guide for business leaders (Paperback)

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Next generation supply chains: The guide for business leaders (Paperback)


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Supply chains are the lifeblood of any business, bridging the distance between producer and customer, supply and demand. However, for a long time leaders have considered supply chain management to be a support, cost-added activity, something best kept out of sight and out of mind.

Instead, this guide's purpose is to convince business leaders that supply chain management can be used as a business leverage for value creation and competitive advantage. Now more than ever, agile and resilient supply chains are vital in coping with uncertain markets and volatile world events, driving sustainable development, boosting current business models, and even simulating the creation of new ones.

This book sets out the terms and paradigms necessary for an understanding of the supply chain, illuminates the types of value supply chain management can provide to businesses, and covers the solutions that business leaders can implement to reap the benefits of a value-creation supply chain approach.

Next Generation Supply Chains breaks down this complex, nuanced field with helpful explanations, detailed diagrams and testimonies from leading businesses, laying out why an understanding of supply chain management is integral to any business leader. Written by Michel Fender, an expert with over thirty years' industry experience in advisory, training, technical and management capacities, this is an essential guide to the subject.

Product Details ISBN: 9781789631159
ISBN-10: 1789631157
Publisher: Choir Press
Publication Date: October 30th, 2020
Pages: 200
Language: English