Pagan Portals - Sekhmet: Lady of Flame, Eye of Ra (Paperback)

Pagan Portals - Sekhmet: Lady of Flame, Eye of Ra By Olivia Church Cover Image

Pagan Portals - Sekhmet: Lady of Flame, Eye of Ra (Paperback)


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An invitation to come face to face with the incarnate female power of ancient Egypt. Sekhmet was ancient Egypt's leonine Netjeret (Goddess) who embodied incarnate female power. Sekhmet brought plague and pestilence to the land as well as conferred healing and protection upon her followers. From her ancient origins, to the present day, many have been fascinated by Sekhmet's fierce image and uncompromising destructive powers. This book explores Sekhmet's Egyptian origins, her mythology, character, and worship, bringing together Egyptological research and contemporary Pagan perspectives.

Olivia Church is a Pagan witch, who reveres a number of deities from the ancient Mediterranean, Egypt, and Northern Europe. She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Egyptology with dissertations focused on the Predynastic period of Egypt. She began her PhD in January 2020, studying how contemporary Goddess Spirituality interacts with ancient Mediterranean archaeology and heritage. She lives in the UK with her partner and their cat, Moaki.

Product Details ISBN: 9781789047134
ISBN-10: 1789047137
Publisher: Moon Books
Publication Date: March 31st, 2022
Pages: 120
Language: English