Digging Deeper (Paperback)

Digging Deeper By Bellora Quinn, Sadie Rose Bermingham Cover Image

Digging Deeper (Paperback)


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Unearthing the past brings them closer together...and to danger.

A maniac is on the loose in London, drugging young women and assaulting them before burying them in shallow graves.

When Inspector John Cordiline asks Jake Chivis for his unique assistance as a Fire Elemental with the Cemetery Rapist case, he feels he can hardly refuse. What begins as a simple job--trying to get memories from a suspect to aid conviction--soon takes a darker turn when one of the victims dies and an offer of help comes from an unexpected and unwelcome source.

Dr. Mari Gale is disturbed to find that his former lover Tomas Arregui is in London and wants to meet with him. Despite his best efforts to avoid the man, fate seems to be pushing him onto a collision course with Tomas. And the impact will cast him into more trouble than he could ever have imagined.

Digging deeper for the truth could be the death of them.

Product Details ISBN: 9781786863713
ISBN-10: 1786863715
Publisher: Pride & Company
Publication Date: August 28th, 2018
Pages: 306
Language: English