Dream It to Do It: The Science and the Magic (Hardcover)

Dream It to Do It: The Science and the Magic By Howard Eisenberg, Stanley Krippner (Foreword by) Cover Image

Dream It to Do It: The Science and the Magic (Hardcover)


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Do you want to discover who you really are... and could yet be?

Learn the mysterious truths underlying our challenging existence and discover how reality really works.

Physician and scientist Dr. Howard Eisenberg is a long-time explorer of the various realms of consciousness. In this book, he shares his recent awe-inspiring revelation of our dream-like entrapment in a virtual reality of toxic divisiveness-and the potential underlying infinite 'field of consciousness' that connects and empowers all.

By integrating indigenous wisdom, spiritual experience, and the leading-edge scientific discoveries, this book will reshape your understanding of reality by revealing the magical-like formula between envisioning the impossible and manifesting it into our external world.

In this powerful book of spiritually and scientifically integrated revelations, you will:

* Learn to unlock the secrets of reality itself

* Discover who you really are - beyond your 'ego mind' and brain

* Harness your potential powers for real magic - the kind that transforms physical reality

Dream It to Do It: The Science & the Magic is the multi award-winning guide to unlocking the secrets that can transform your life and restore your deeper connection to others and our World.

As this book teaches - "The Now is your point of Power" - Order it now

Product Details ISBN: 9781737916901
ISBN-10: 1737916908
Publisher: Syntrek(r) Inc.
Publication Date: November 15th, 2021
Pages: 136
Language: English