The Haggadah: Pathways to Pesach and the Haggadah (Hardcover)

The Haggadah: Pathways to Pesach and the Haggadah By Dovber Pinson Cover Image

The Haggadah: Pathways to Pesach and the Haggadah (Hardcover)


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"In every generation a person must regard oneself as having gone out of Mitzrayim / Egypt." This means that when recalling the Exodus, which occurred thousands of years ago, we also need to envision ourselves as being taken out of Mitzrayim and freed from enslavement.

'Mitzrayim' represents all Meitzarim / constrictions and limitations in our lives, whether material, emotional, intellectual or spiritual. 'Enslavement', in this context, represents a state of seeming entrapment in those constrictions, giving rise to doubt and a lack of clarity, focus, authenticity, direction or purpose in one's life. Just as every generation has its own unique forms of constriction and its own challenges, each person has their own struggles to overcome and limits to transcend.

On the night of Pesach, we are given freedom from all our constrictions and enslavements, and imbued with a measure of true spiritual and material expansiveness transcending all limitations. In.

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Publisher: Iyyun Publishing
Publication Date: February 20th, 2022
Pages: 620
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