Lipstick Lawyerisms of a Work-at-Home Mom (Hardcover)

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Lipstick Lawyerisms of a Work-at-Home Mom (Hardcover)


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Law school, two cats, and a very successful husband behind her, Tori realized that her promising career trajectory of becoming a successful she-lawyer was on a seemingly endless downward spiral. She needed to take her career into her own hands while simultaneously raising a family if she wanted to have any semblance of a career at all.

Lipstick Lawyerisms of a Work-at-Home Mom dives deeply into women's history and examines the agonizing question so many mothers face today: Do I stay at home with my children and risk abandoning my career, or do I work outside the home and risk losing quality time with my kids?

History, pop-culture, humor, and personal anecdotes take you on a journey-the journey of a twenty (er) thirty-something young professional mom. From deciding on a career path, getting married, interviewing as a woman-then a pregnant woman, birthing children, and negotiating with toddlers, to navigating male corporate culture, discovering the new female advantage, and the power of being a woman.

Luckily, Tori Stetson, a lady lawyer who has mastered the art of stumbling and getting back up again, is here to show you that you're not in this alone. Lipstick Lawyerisms of a Work-at-Home Mom urges women to pull from their resources and redistribute their skills to gain a life fueled by passion rather than crippled by fear. It is thought-provoking, enlightening, and empowering.

It is a book not only for moms, but for future moms and women, not only for lawyers, but for professionals and prospective professionals. It is meant to speak to independents, innovators, entrepreneurs, and alchemists who transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Truly a must-read for all young professional and aspiring professional moms

Product Details ISBN: 9781735876726
ISBN-10: 1735876720
Publisher: Tori Ludwig
Publication Date: December 2nd, 2020
Pages: 220
Language: English