Holding the Fort: The Storm Follows (Paperback)

Holding the Fort: The Storm Follows By Ryan Peek Cover Image

Holding the Fort: The Storm Follows (Paperback)


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After thwarting the machines' newest attempt at taking over the world, Ethan and his squad from Blackwoods must go back to the year 1999 and destroy the malevolent artificial intelligence that started it all.

Through an epic road trip chock-full of perils and pitfalls, Team Blackwoods races to a small town outside Mount Rainier to intercept a Zyvantian space pod -- in an attempt to neutralize the alien computer virus it contains. In the race to the pod, with all of humanity at stake, the young teens will have to beat the U.S. military...and a perfect-looking family of four with sinister intentions. Then there's a very determined FBI agent hot on their trail, trying to put together the pieces of strange, horrifying crimes committed along the way by those known as 'The Trackers'.

Oh yeah, and the kids need to build a time machine to get back to the present day. Easy peasy.

Product Details ISBN: 9781735706078
ISBN-10: 1735706078
Publisher: Pebbyville Press
Publication Date: November 28th, 2023
Pages: 460
Language: English